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Where do you source your Grass Fed Beef Bones from? 

We source our beef bones from Cache Creek Natural Beef Farm and information gathered directly from their website states:

“the animals live longer, graze longer, and are finished in comfort. At birth a number of calves are selected specifically for the Cache Creek Natural Beef program. The calves spend the spring, summer, and early fall at their mothers side. All of their calves are born in the spring on Rey Creek Ranch situated between Merit and Logan Lake. In the fall the cattle are gathered up, weaned, and transported an hour down the road to Cache Creek Ranch. During this time great care is taken to ensure that they have a minimum amount of stress. Once acclimated to the Cache Creek Ranch they are put out to pasture for the winter. Due to the unique arid climate of Cache Creek, the cattle are usually able to graze naturally all winter. At Cache Creek Natural Beef we grow high quality beef as nature intended, with an emphasis on natural grazing, environmental stewardship, and animal welfare. We do not use hormones, steroids, or antibiotics.We believe that healthy animals eating healthy feed will produce healthy, tasty meat. We also practice intensive pasturing. Our cattle are moved often. This avoids damaging the grass through overgrazing, and ensures that the cattle always have plenty of fresh grass. Healthy Pastures, Happy Cows. It takes a little longer and costs a little more, but we think it is worth it. We hope you agree.” 

Where do your Chickens come from?


We source our Chicken from Farmcrest Foods and Rossdown Farms & Natural Foods. Rossdown follows a innovative method which is Feed. Hatch. Grow. Process. & Farmcrest Foods believes in the producton process is what acheives excellence. Farmcrest grows  majority of their feed on their farm. This is how Farmcrest delivers the quality of bird that we demand as their customer. As taken from Farmcrest website:

"We grow the majority of our feed on the farm. We believe that this is the only way to deliver the quality of bird that our customers demand.The main ingredient of all chicken feed is grains and grain by-products, and meal made from seeds such as canola or soybean. In this sense all chickens are “Grain Fed”. Vitamins, minerals and other protein sources are added to improve the nutritional content of the feed as well as to prevent nutritional deficiencies. It’s important to note that there are no hormones in chicken feed. In Canada, the use of hormones and steroids in chicken feed has been banned since the 1960s."

What is the difference between stock and bone broth?

Stock is generally made with bones and water simmered for about 3-4 hours. Stock can be rich in minerals and gelatine and is usually used as a base for soups and stews. Georels Grass Fed Beef Bone Broth is made with 100% grass fed beef bones from Cache Creek, BC. With an assortment of beef marrow, knuckles, neck, oxtail & meaty rib bones. We then simmer for 48 hours in a mirepoix of celery, onions, carrots, & lemons.

Bone broth is dense with a variety go minerals, gelatin, and collagen. Can’t I just buy it from the store?

Nope. Broth (often labelled “stock”) from the grocery store relies on high temperature and fast cooking techniques which results in a watered down, non-gelling liquid which is missing the nutrients and benefits of a gelatin-rich broth. In addition, an unnatural additive (like MSG) and flavours are often added.

What are the benefits?

The benefits are endless but here is our top 3:

  • Rebuild your gut lining - our bone broth is full of gelatin and collagen, which soothes the intestinal tract and helps heal leaky gut syndrome. Consumption of antibiotics, Aspirin, refined sugar/flour, caffeine, alcohol and greasy fried foods can damage our intestines. By incorporating our bone broth into your daily routine and digesting the minerals and the natural proteins found in bone broth, you can help reverse dietary damage and repair the gut lining. Wow!
  • Collagen - the protein found in the connective tissue of vertebrate animals. It’s abundant in bone, marrow, cartilage, tendons and ligaments. The breakdown of collagen in bone broths is what produces gelatin. Consuming collagen-rich bone broth can reduce cellulite and tighten your skin, making you look younger. Gelatin helps people with food allergies and sensitivities tolerate those foods, including cow’s milk and gluten. Collagen protects and soothes the lining of the digestive tract and can aid in healing IBS, Crohn’s, ulcerative colitis and acid reflux symptoms.
  • Detoxification - bone broth is considered a powerful detoxification agent since it helps the digestive system expel waste and promote the liver’s ability to remove toxins, maintain tissue integrity, and improve the body’s use of antioxidants. Bone broth contains potassium and glycine, which support both cellular and liver detoxification.


Tell me about your Grass Fed Bison Bone Broth?

Our Grass Fed Bison is locally sourced from Turtle Valley Ranch in Chase, BC. We personally visited the farm this past summer of 2017. We were so pleased by the conscious farming happening at the ranch and the care and attention to every detail that is met for the Bison. The quality is coming through in our final product, we are surprised we didn’t start making Bison Bone Broth sooner. We follow the exact same cooking method as our Chicken & Beef Broth. We slowly simmer the grass fed bison ribs, knuckles, marrow, with antioxidant rich vegetables such as lemons, onions, carrots, celery & water. We cook this out for 24+ hours and the final result is this rich, deep, gelatinous bone broth. Similar flavour profile to our grass fed beef bone broth. You will love adding this to your daily roster!

We package up into 700 ml portion sizes that are ready to use in coffee, smoothies, soups, milk, baby formula whatever you desire! Bone Broth is a great natural source to achieve optimal health results from the highest quality ingredients! You can literally put it in anything. Tastes great!