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401 Industrial Avenue 

Vancouver, BC V6A2P8

401 Industrial Avenue
Vancouver, V6A 2P8



Meet The Team

Meet Juli- Most people don’t grow up wanting to become an entrepreneur, they grow into it. Juli has one strong attribute of a business woman and that is she does not take no for an answer- ever. She may concede- but she won’t give up. She is fearless and loves to get herself into hot water and you can find her forging ahead to address the opportunities or any issues she recognizes as obstacles 🤷🏻‍♀️ Although she is enjoying the ride of second year start up Georels, she has had her moments of failure but she does not wallow, she moves on to the next big thing. Go on, girl!


Have you met Matt? Well, if you haven't then you should. Matt knew he was going to be an entrepreneur he just didn't know when. He had pages of business ideas, goals, visions scattered around his apartment he just needed to make them a reality. With a background in construction he adapted this competitive nature, with a unwillingness to lose, and a no bullshit attitude👊🏼💥Georels is a "self starter" start up in its second year of business and requires a think outside the box mentality - Matt possesses all the qualities of a entrepreneur and gets the whole working through the weekends, the sacrifices, and that there will be days/weeks/years where things will be hard but has the passion to push through 💥💥Make sure you keep an eye out for this guy!